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10 years of experience in LED Lighting

Hi, My Majoring in foreign trading. After graduation, my 10 years working journey is all about LED, in year 2014, I did realize lighting not only could useful for human beings but also the crops. Then about 3 years, I'm trying to learning and visiting many cultivation bases which helps me acquire rich knowledge for Grow Led. Through this, I'm gathering quite a lot of experience of how to offer a satisfactory solution to meet the needs of farmers, growers. Now I'm working in UPL company responsible for sales. I will share as more as I can to support you understand LED grow lights and how does it works for crops, wish you will enjoy these articles.


What Is Vertical Farming All About?

Vertical Farming has now taken firm root due to the scarcity of land-based resources. This is all thanks to the LED grow lights revolution taking place.

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What You Have to Know About Led Full-Spectrum Light

A full-spectrum LED grow light is just a marketing word that means the grow light closely resembles sunlight. This marketing term is derived from the idea of “full-spectrum illumination,” which has been applied to electromagnetic radiation spanning the UV to infrared wavebands in recent years

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How to Choose the Ideal Light for the Houseplants?

Yes, we know that it can sometimes be a bit difficult to provide enough daylight to your houseplants. This may be due to seasonal changes or even a pronounced lack of window space. This is why you need a set of grow lights to make sure that your plants get all the light they need.

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5 Tips for how to optimize Cannabis yields by using LED grow lights

As LED technology has advanced in recent years, more cannabis growers are moving to LED for their indoor operations. LEDs are now a great choice for indoor cultivators of all skill levels due to their many advantages, which include consuming less energy, being more durable, and having a longer life span. LED lighting will help you grow cannabis.

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