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Indoor + Vertical Cannabis Application

FX-series is a superior light option for indoor cannabis growing which could provide accurate light intensity and spectrum levels for 4*6 ft cannabis growth plate.



Greenhouse Top Light Application

FC-series is the best option for indoor grow areas which is a very high-efficiency light that can deliver the uniform light output and PPFD value, also good for human eyes.



Indoor + Vertical Application

FT-series is daisy-chain connection easy for installation and with only 50mm height which is space-saving design specially for vertical cannabis seedling cultivation.

What Makes UPL Different?


UPL is a factory who focus only on led grow light since 2014. Our professional Hoticulturalists work together with 3rd-party consultants to understand plant and light interactions. UPL collaborates with some of China’s leading horticultural Universities and utilizes this knowledge base to develop the industry’s most advanced lighting system that could genuinely be useful for plant growth.

Smart Controlling System

As we all know, it’s crucial to establish production requirements and use light accordingly to achieve specific growth goals, so how to do? It’s pretty simply by our Smart controlling system, and growers could easily control light intensity, light quality, and photoperiod by different growth stages, optimizing your grow space, overall plant health, and increasing final yields.

Free Light Planning Service

For the growers who wanna increase more yield and pay less on the LED lights. UPL is a simple& effective company that can meet your needs.
Our experts can optimize the light conditions in your greenhouse and indoor grow facility or research chamber. We help growers easily understand the overall cost and outcomes by providing them with FREE project planning.

Useful Tips of Cannabis Grow

We can guide you on how to use LED lighting technologies to maximize your profits, boost yields, increase crop quality and elicit desired plant characteristics.

Customized Spectrum

We can offer:

Spectrum for Cannabis Growth;
Spectrum for Greenhouse Cannabis Cultivations;
Dynamic Spectrum for Precision Cannabis Growth;

Of course any customized spectrum is available in UPL.


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What We Have Achieved Since 2014

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Our Happy Clients

I have known the core team members of the UPL for more than 10 years and they have been very professional in the design of the lamps and even more fortunate in their experience with crops, they have always given us free consulting services for our projects, which is pretty cool. It is no surprise to say that we have been able to earn $35,000 on a single plant by relying on their updates on products and lighting formula, so if you too want to find a professional manufacturer, they will be your chioce.

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Roger Ridden

Active Extractions llc

I’m a pretty picky person, but UPL made me very happy because throughout the communication process they often removed my doubts or did everything I could think of or not think of ahead of time. I am an importer and not very familiar with the product, but there was a series of easy-to-understand product knowledge that allowed me to quickly learn useful information, and they were willing to work with us to provide a nearly free “sample test program” so that my customers no need to invest too much in the testing period. They keep me informed of the production process and plans throughout the production process so that I can feel comfortable just waiting for the product to arrive at my warehouse. As an importer for nearly 20 years, I have a very busy day, and I hope that every supplier I work with has the same work ethic as UPL, so I will definitely have more time to vacation and do more meaningful things.

Jimmy Stone


Production Assembly & Smart Mesh Controller

Led Grow Lamps Manufacturer Cum Project Planner-U Plant Light

  • One-stop operational solution for Led Grow Lamps.
  • Four manufacturing sites for led grow lights raw materials (Aluminum Fixture; Led Package and Assembly Line ) under joint venture.
  • Over 20 years technical experience in manufacturing LED lights in China.
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Frequently Asked Questions

About Product

μmol/J stands for micromole per Joule. It is a measurement to determine how efficient a light is at converting electrons into photons. This is the important to judge the light efficiency.

PAR is photosynthetic active radiation. PAR light is the wavelengths of light within the visible range of 400 to 700 nanometers (nm) which drive photosynthesis.

is the measurement of PAR delivered to a specific area. It is expressed as micromole-per-meter squared-per second (μmol/m2/s). This is the only measurement that informs us of the amount of light being delivered to a crop which enables photosynthesis.

1. The right color spectrum; 2. PAR output, a saturation of the canopy is essential; 3. The more air flowing between top colas and light the better; 4. Heat Dissipation.

FX and FC series grow lights will grow your sweeties from the seedling to the flowering phase. And FT series is for vertical farming which is a perfect chioce for high lighting demanding crops in germination period, say Marijuana.

It’s going to depend on how your plants are reacting to the amount of light being given to them…if you are seeing bad light/heat stress which you are, then back off the lights 6 inches and see how the plants react, keep adjusting until you find the perfect height.Yet you could also make reference in our product details.

We have different options to satisfy the project demanding and of course all of them are pass our on-site testing in USA greenhouse.
So donot hesistate to contact us if your needs is special.

Yes, we did it for entirely FREE. Even you’re the new visitors. Normally it will takes 3-5 workding days for us to finish one of the project.

It depends on the quantity.
The standard schedule shall be:
100pcs: 30-35 days;
100~500pcs: 35-40 days; 500~2000pcs: 40-45 days; We have safty stock for some items;

We have agent in US-LA now. The EU is under-developping. Should you with any interested in being our agent, welcome to contact our sales rep.

About Plants

Staying in the veg or flower stage too long can affect the quality of your buds. If in the veg stage, your buds will not get dense, in the flowering stage your plant may die before harvest.

If your seed has germinated, but it won’t grow, it probably has less to do with the seed and more to do with the conditions.

The soil needs to breathe and it can’t with all that sand. Dial-in a good watering system not too much and not too little. Keep ph in balance.

-Increase Light  Intensity (and possibly add CO2)
-Manipulate How Plants Grow (freeway to produce more bud)
-Provide Correct Amount of Nutrients (sometimes less is more)
-Control Growing Environment (let the growing environment work for you)
-Harvest Plants Properly (most importantly, don’t harvest early!)

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