Light for seedlings

The seed grows its first branch, and its help is indispensable
The Lgiht for marijuana growth

Specific full-spectrum designs to allow your plants to thrive.
The Light for cannabis bloom

With Emerson effect, it can improve crop yield and aroma.
Plant fill light

They are the best choice when there is not enough sunlight and indoor growing.
GUANGZHOU LINONG LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.was established in 1996 and has been committed to LED research for more than 20 years. It is a well-known professional LED enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. The company strictly abides by the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification standard, and has successfully won many honors such as "Guangzhou Innovation Enterprise", "Academician Workstation", "Guangzhou Famous Trademark" and so on...

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Our Happy Clients From some Countries
Stan Echols
What a great surprise this week when I got home and found this Monster-sized box that had been delivered to my house! Finally a quality light to solve my heat problems and replace those power hungry HPS Ive been using. Awesome power at 1/3rd the energy consumption of my HPS and incredible performance specs! Thank you LNLED for the fast and easy purchase! Best money I ever spent! My plants will LOVE it!
Vince Fleming
This light is not a typical diy light - it’s built with quality components, good engineering, and name-brand components. This light should last a very long time, practically forever, and is night and day difference: The cooling is done with a large passive sheet of aluminum. No fan to fail. The temperature rise is reasonable, giving long led life. The power supply on the light is name-brand MEANWELL. The power supply construction is good, expect this to go out first after 10 plus years. I’m ok with that. Some smaller ones still use quality supplies, which I haven’t seen.
Rachel K
The light works great if you can get one shipped properly. If shipped in its original packaging UPS with work very hard to destroy it. Request it boxed well when you order. The light itself is amazing, fruit yields are above average, low cost to use and the construction is durable and water resistant (not water proof). I will order another in the future.