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At UPL, we care more about how our customers could make the right decision and with positive revenue by offering market-oriented LED grow lamp at minimum manufacturing costs.

We sincerely understand that having the best-fit products is merely the first step to success in your cultivation process. Never stop chasing to developing real value-oriented products with well-selected raw materials and truly understand the cultivate environment to deliver satisfying performance is the other critical element. Making full use of products to boost efficient productivity is a key driver of positive revenue.

We pride ourselves on our positioning as a trusted partner instead of a led grow lamp vendor –We do what other vendors can not do.

Make it simple, we do it all about light and you will take care of your business.

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What You Have to Know About Led Full-Spectrum Light

A full-spectrum LED grow light is just a marketing word that means the grow light closely resembles sunlight. This marketing term is derived from the idea of “full-spectrum illumination,” which has been applied to electromagnetic radiation spanning the UV to infrared wavebands in recent years

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How to Choose the Ideal Light for the Houseplants?

Yes, we know that it can sometimes be a bit difficult to provide enough daylight to your houseplants. This may be due to seasonal changes or even a pronounced lack of window space. This is why you need a set of grow lights to make sure that your plants get all the light they need.

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Product Tutorials

5 Tips for how to optimize Cannabis yields by using LED grow lights

As LED technology has advanced in recent years, more cannabis growers are moving to LED for their indoor operations. LEDs are now a great choice for indoor cultivators of all skill levels due to their many advantages, which include consuming less energy, being more durable, and having a longer life span. LED lighting will help you grow cannabis.

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About Work

I love my job, and I enjoy being part of it. I still remember me and my workmates who work day and night to accomplish a project together, which lasts for one 1months; the feeling of how to complete each task is so strong. If you chose us to be your partner, you would rest assured for wholeheartedly team members who will back you up.

About Life

In the past 31 years, I've been quite happy to have a lot of life experience: travelling to 60+ cities worldwide and each time I did try the local food, for me, I like Italy-Risotto, Russia-Borscht, German-Schweinshaxe which makes me feel so good, especially when it turns to be a new experience. Life is all about exploring and love. Don't limit yourself to a worldview that's constrained.

My Experiences

Helping more than 100+(hydroponic&vertical farming&Greenhouses&tissue culture lab.)- indoor growers to realize from layout design to complete the project.

Keep share working experience with 30+teammates.

Have a deep conversation with 10+ employees when facing difficulties, helping them find their value and belief in work and life.

Host 5 successful team building events.

Build reading habits inside of the sales team.

Host dinner party at my house.

Learn to help someone out without asking for anything in return.

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