Octopus Lighting Design Best Option For Commerical Cultivation

Compared with other plant led grow light, the outstanding feature of this lamp is that it has a larger irradiation area. This is not only due to SMD lamp beads, but also because of its special appearance design.

Main Factors

  • The external dimming controller can connect up to 50-100 pcs of lamps which are very good for commercial application.
  • With a dimming model, the light efficiency can be adjusted from 50%-100%. In this way, the fixtures will suitable from vegetative to bloom period of various crops in the full growth cycles.
  • It’s a perfect match for 4*6 ft growth plate, all the light outputs are effectively used.
  • In 2.7µmol/s PER watt with impressive high efficacy which could provide intense light coverage for the crops.
  • 1/4 folder design which will easy for you to do the installation.
  • Patented designed passively cooled LED bar with ONLY 6 pcs to reach 1730 umol/s with very high efficiency and the fewer bars which could largely reduce your input cost.
  • Standard(s) for Safety: ANSI/CAN/UL8800:2019 horticultural
  • With IP65 wet rated and PC cover which provides full protection from dust, water environment and no need to worry about fixture damage.
  • With different color options and customized LOGO printing which could make you differentiate from the crowded.

Additional information

Actual Power



1730±50 umol/S

Fixture Color

Grey, Dark Blue, Rose Golden






Flowering Coverage at 12" : 4*6 ft
Vegetative Coverage at 30" : 6*8 ft


15.8KG / 34.8lbs

HID Replacement


Product Details



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