Best Option For Commerical Cannabis Cultivation

Compared with other plant led grow lights, the outstanding feature of this lamp is that it has a larger irradiation area. This is not only due to SMD lamp beads but also because of its special appearance design.

Main Features and Benefits

  • 1. 1/4 Folder Design Easy to Install;
    2. DLC/UL listed;
    3. Size Perfect for 4*6ft Growth Plate;
    4. With Extra PC cover easy to clean and maintenance which could prevent oil secretion that lower light efficiency;
    5. With 3 connection options: a) Power cord; b) Knob Dimming; c) Network Cable (the last one is highly recommended for large-scale cultivation);
    6. With own-designed SmartMesh controller which could connect up to 100pcs lamps that can easily to get timer/dimmer function;
    7. Special designed passively cooled LED bar with 25% heat sink compared with other brands(stable temperature means stable light output)
    8. Increase the buds yield MAX. 2.8~2.9g/W(Real data)
    9. With extra red+far-red+UV(Red+Far-red for better yield of flowering and UV increase the quality of the final buds), more precise for flowering growth cycle application.

Additional information

Actual Power



2300±50 umol/S

Fixture Color

Grey, Dark Blue, Rose Golden






Flowering Coverage at 12" : 4*6 ft
Vegetative Coverage at 30" : 6*8 ft


19.5KG / 42.9lbs

HID Replacement

2*1000W HPS/HID

Product Details

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